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" Unintended Consequences:  the Lie That Killed Millions and Accelerated Climate Change "

    George Erickson, Author

George Erickson released to the Science and Technology group a copy of his recent book, "Unintended Consequences". A member of  National Center for Science Education and the Thorium Energy Alliance and past VP of American Humanist Association, he writes:

    "Because of the increasing threats from climate change, I have decided to make an updated pdf of my fifth book, Unintended Consequences: the Lie That Killed Millions and Accelerated Climate Change, available FREE to those who email me at tundracub@mediacombb.net.  

    "The book can also be downloaded from my website -see above - or visiting  http://www.unintended-consequences.org. The links within the text are “clickable,” so there is no need to type them into your browser.


    "I have attached the PDF of the book to this email. Please feel free to forward this PDF and/or this email to the science club members and others.

I wish you well, it's and I hope to be able to return next winter."

(December 22, 2017, George Erickson)

Note:  This book is an accompaniment to his pre-publication presentation last February 27, 2017.    view slides/PDF

" Needed:  Hands-on-Volunteers "

    Fruitland Park Elementary

Demonstration experiments with students.  See details on the "WILD ABOUT SCIENCE" program.