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On April 13

What makes us human?
   Lee Conrad

Most people have a real problem comprehending that the Earth’s evolution began 4 billion years ago. In the 1st two slides, I am going to compress that 4 billion years into 24 hrs so the audience has a better understanding of evolutionary time. 
I will discuss the conventional view of the Origin of our Genus, Homo; How going hairless had profound consequences on subsequent phases of evolution; The iconic molecule called DNA and the importance of the Human Genome to expressing our many evolutionary traits, such as eye color, height, build, stature, etc.;How digging through DNA (Mitochondrial DNA to Y-Chromosomes to the whole genome) helps us to track the origins of modern Humans from Africa to the Americas - using alphanumeric genetic markers; Discovery of the 1st Distinctive DNA to humans (Human accelerated region 1, HAR1), which plays a role in the developing cerebral cortex; Plus 5 other distinctive DNAs (FOXP2, AMY1, ASPM, LCT AND HAR2) and what their functions are; ending with a graphic description of just how painfully slow the process of natural selection can be over tens of thousands of years.