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Science Topics

The Science Topics group is a discussion group that meets on the First Wednesday of every month at 9:00 A.M. in the Canal Street Rec Center.  

Science topics are chosen at the end of each month's meeting so that attendees can research the subject and prepare for discussion at the next meeting.

There will NOT be a meetings on Wednesday until further notice. 
Rec Centers are closed to reduce potential exposure to the Coronavirus

The Topic of the meeting: 
        "Everything you wanted to know "  
           By Gregg: Gregg hopes that we will be able to meet again soon
                 Hopefully we will be rescheduled soon.
                 Hopefully, all members are well and stay well. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Future Topic:  "Is CO2 as bad for climate as they say it is?
                       By Howard Marsh:    Howard will take an in depth  look at the sources and effects of CO2.
Future Topic:  "Everything you wanted to know about Black Holes
                       By J.B. Smith:    JB will discuss the physics of black holes.
Future Topic:  "Hubble Extreme Deep Field Photo"   
                       By Jim Laurent    Jim takes you to the edge of the universe where the Hubble telescope has detected thousands of galaxies an a small portion of distant space.